Stockton Recital Series

ACTIVITIESStockton Recital Series-sponsored by Finzi Trust(

Stockton United Reformed Church on Yarm Lane hosted Stockton Lunchtime Recital series for many years, organized by the ABRSM Representative Morag Cooper at the time. It has always been a very friendly performance opportunity for local children and good entertainment for audience as well. The concert series had to stop in the past a few years due to various reasons. At this time, the main church hall went through major refurbishment, central heating was installed throughout the church building, two other rooms were decorated, the grand piano was restrung and reconditioned.

The main church hall is now open again. The Stockton Recital Series will be restarted, organized by ABRSM Stockton and Middlesbrough HLR Cheryl Chen.

· The information of this concert series will be published on and facebook@teesmusic (The page was previouly known as shinefestivalteesvalley).

· The concerts will be mostly on Saturday afternoon, at Stockton URC on Yarm Lane, TS18 1HU.

· Initially 6 concerts per year are planned, three of them will be within the ABRSM exam seasons (March, late June, Late November), other three are planned in late January to February. Exact dates will always be published beforehand.

· The concert is free to performers and audience members, though donations to the church are always much needed and appreciated.

· The concert is non-competitive, non-selective, programme is of the performer's choice. Any instruments and any pieces from the current or past ABRSM syllabus or similar are welcomed.

· All music learners, school children to adults, from Teesside and surrounding area are welcomed to perform. There is no grade limit, but anyone who puts their name down for a concert is expected to prepare their programme to the best.

· Ideally performers have their own accompanist arranged. In the circumstances that some instrumentalists or singers don't have an accompanist, we can help to hire an accompanist, then performers who need the accompanist will be asked to contribute to cover the cost. Each concert is individual. This detail will be given prior to assignment. Performers are supposed to pay their own private rehearsal before the concert if they need one.

· Only for the purpose of variety and suitable mixture of ability of each concert, we may not be able to offer you the date you choose, but opportunity is generally offered wholeheartedly.

· University and A level students may be invited to organise the concert for working experience.

. To promote the concert series on the internet (Teesmusic facebook page), also to collect evidence to assist funding application in the future, a few photos will be taken during the concert each time, from distance, not focus on face. If performers don't want to be included in the photo, please make it clear before you sign up.

· Please help to spread this information, by photocopy, email, social media.

· Contact: Cheryl Chen
Saturday 20th June at 3pm in Stockton URC on Yarm Lane, TS18 1HU
Beginners Gala Concert
Up to grade 4, any instruments.

Performers include:
Yohan James - Trambone 3 minutes
Martha Kitching's woodwind pupils 10 minutes
Saturday 27th June at 3pm in Stockton URC on Yarm Lane, TS18 1HU

Grade 5 or above, any instruments.
Performers include:
Yohan James - Piano 8 minutes
Martha Kitching's woodwind pupils 20 minutes
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